Twilight. πŸ“Έ

August Photo Challenge - Day 2: Floating

OMG! The new @hulu UI is sooooo much better! Thank you! #finally

August Photo Challenge - #1 - Up β€œSo, uh, what are you up to anyway?” - Onyx

Playing around with Adobe Photoshop Camera which takes stunningly great shots using AI from the get go, but some of these lenses are amazing. It is sunny as hell here, but this is what the Night Shot lens does.

Fresh off of the press, Esquire writes this article: β€œJohn Lewis Funeral: President Obama Calls for Abolishing Filibuster to Renew Voting Rights Act”, and I’m here for it. God, I miss this man.

Also, these questions seem to be very similar to: β€œSo, Mr. Jones, when did you stop beating your wife?”

If you’re going to ask questions, you should probably actually let an answer get out instead of bloviating on your own opinion.

The testimony of these four big tech CEOs will be interesting.

This red-shouldered hawk visits once in awhile to check out our back yard and see if there’s anything to be had. Forgive the unclear photo. It took a good bit of editing as the only view clear enough of the hawk was through a window that desperately needs to be cleaned.

A red-shouldered hawk sits on a wood and vinyl fence surveying a backyard.

Oakley the Little Prince

Murder Mittens!

Apparently Don Jr is upset because β€œGmail is sending reelection campaign emails to spam folders.” Well, that is where trash emails belong…


It’s been a very nice, somewhat rainy day. 🌧

Add Publix to the list of companies finally requiring face coverings in their stores effective January 21st1. It’s about time. The challenge will be enforcement. Publix isn’t known for backing up its rules, and typically cow toes to customers in order to avoid a scene.

  1. It took them forever to actually implement social distancing back when that was one of the primary ways we were told to keep ourselves safe. [return]

Does anyone remember a video conferencing platform that was free but more privacy focused? I want to say it started with a W. lol. @Burk may know. I just remember never hearing the name before but wanted to try it out.

One of my most favorite books of all time: Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden . This was a page turner from the beginning, and the vivid imagery was so real you truly felt you were there.

Watched β€œGreyhound” on AppleTV+ yesterday, and loved it! It was shorter than I would have liked, but very tense moments, and some great characters.