There’s also a tropical storm coming, so I guess I should probably get the lawn chairs out of the yard.

Trying out a new social media network called Shayk which is positioned as TikTok for audio. It’s super early, and I got an invite because of my podcast. It took me a bit to figure out what to post for my first, but I just did.

Watched WWDC and thought there were a bunch of neat new features. I think FaceTime links is going after Zoom and Webex on some level.

The question is: does it still have a 32 participant limit?

Made a Father’s Day card using my Cricut. The Foil Transfer Kit is pretty fun, I have to say.

Karen Walker is my spirit animal.

Oh hello, everyone. πŸ˜€ And how are we doing today?


A response to @canion and his family for the support! I meant to hit send days ago!

If you want a really interesting show that’s focused on a motorcycle trip covering all of South America up through Central America to Los Angeles, you have to check out “Long Way Up” on Apple TV+ starring Ewan McGregor. It’s so great! And electric motorcycles? What?!?

Is it just me or does this article not actually answer the question posed by the headline? I mean it gets half way there, but never discloses how the NY Times got the documents or why the NY Times was allowed to obtain them first.

Found this in my closet of stuff we had moved from previous houses but never unpacked. I got this flag as it dropped off a crushed NYPD cruiser on 9/12/2001.

I went down to ground zero that day. It’s still surreal.

Airport app for seeing what apps are currently in TestFlight. This links you to their site where you can sign up for access to TestFlight it! I know, it’s a little TestFlight inception.

Twilight. πŸ“Έ

August Photo Challenge - Day 2: Floating

OMG! The new @hulu UI is sooooo much better! Thank you! #finally

August Photo Challenge - #1 - Up β€œSo, uh, what are you up to anyway?” - Onyx

Playing around with Adobe Photoshop Camera which takes stunningly great shots using AI from the get go, but some of these lenses are amazing. It is sunny as hell here, but this is what the Night Shot lens does.

Fresh off of the press, Esquire writes this article: β€œJohn Lewis Funeral: President Obama Calls for Abolishing Filibuster to Renew Voting Rights Act”, and I’m here for it. God, I miss this man.

Also, these questions seem to be very similar to: β€œSo, Mr. Jones, when did you stop beating your wife?”