Current Journey

There are a couple of things I’m working on at the moment: my health and my debt.  Both are linked to “over-something” whether it’s over-eating and over-sedentary lifestyle or over-spending.  It’s truly time to get this under control once and for all.

Let’s see how this goes. Reply with your favorite recipe.

Hey there, @Manton! I am sure you’ve been asked a billion times. So I’m sorry to be a billion and one. Any chance you’ve got a Blue Sky invite lying around? I’m on the wait list, but thought I’d ask.

Sunset over parking garage.

Day 4 - #mbmar - Zip Poutine will put a zip in anyone’s step…u less they hate French fries.

Good morning, peeps! 👋

Day 3 - Solitude - #mbmar 📷

It’s a wonderful Sunday and all is quiet.

Here it is…your moment of Zen.

Allison Janney is a national treasure and an underrated actress.

The cats and I.

Looking for a book recommendation. Looking for a samurai-esque story. Is that enough to go on? Haha

You know who’s amazing, sexy as hell, and just downright adorable? Reread the first word of this post!

Watching “Dancing with the Stars” mostly for @Shangela. Question: why is the voting process so convoluted? 10 per couple per voting method? Why so many?

Hurricane Ian is just tickling us.

We are set for #HurricaneIan and will see what happens. We are far enough inland that we will see a lot of rain and bad winds but shouldn’t flood or anything.

Well, it begins. People hoarding water and supplies ahead of a storm that’s probably coming but may or may not hit us exactly.

Also, a good latte and the Dynamic Island. What more could I need in this world?

Finally got a Nespresso, and ooh la la, is it good. I also picked up a Breville Milk Cafe because I wanted to make lattes in the morning that don’t take 87 button presses and 296 minutes to create. The combination is enough to make me give up my Starbucks habit.

Watching #WWDC of course!