A few shots from yesterday’s Disney adventure.

It’s self-care Sunday apparently. Gym session focused on mobility and flexibility. Then the CryoLounge, the massage chair, and finally the Normatec compression legs.

Who wrote this season of “9-1-1?” Was this take your child to work week, and they let them do more than watch?

Y’all! The Publix chicken tender sub is the bomb!! I don’t know why I haven’t had it before!!

In today’s episode of Matt Does Stuff, he tries his hand at pumice powder hand soap making. What calamity shall ensue?

The Positivity playlist on Apple Music is excellent! Enjoying it while on lunch.

It’s a #Flowers kind of day! Epcot has had tons of flowers, and they’re all gorgeously arranged!

And another one!


Now that I’ve discovered crosshare.org, I’ve made a puzzle of my own. It’s fashion themed, so if that’s your thing, you know, puzzles and fashion, have at it!


I have ideas. I didn’t say they were good ones.

You want to target an actual monopoly? Let’s try the Republican/Democrat two-party system.

We continuously see reinforced examples of legislators and law enforcement clearly misunderstanding technology. It’s scary.

Hello, @manton - I forget. What’s the email for support? I haz a billing question.

Good morning :)

The thing about Imposter Syndrome is summed up best by the late Steve Jobs:

“Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it, and you can build your own things that other people use.”

If your app/service doesn’t utilize Passkeys, why not?

Good morning to you! I hope your day is filled with happy, little surprises!

“More data != more knowledge.” - unknown

Ireland wins!!! Ireland wins!!!

I’m gonna need people to calm down. Silencing my notifications isn’t about you. It’s about me and my mental health. 😘