FSU tells employees they can't care for kids while working remotely

Florida State University tells employees they can’t care for kids while working remotely - The Lily

So in the midst of a rising number of cases in FL, FSU decides now is the time to implement this rule? Shameful. If more companies cared for their employees, they would focus on results rather than specific time spent “working.”

The best employers would figure out ways to help their employees with childcare needs knowing that most daycares, nursery schools, etc are closed. I’m not entirely sure what the right answer is, but this isn’t it.

ExxonMobil announced they are the first U.S. gas stations to provide 3% cash back when paying with the Apple Card via Apple Pay! So many gas stations accept Apple Pay, which is great for contactless payments and personal hygiene, but to get 3% cash back is even better!

Weak Company Responses to COVID-19

As we’ve all watched this pandemic unfold over time, it’s become increasingly clear that steps must be taken to limit the spread of the virus because there’s no viable vaccine yet. We need to limit the spread so as not to overwhelm the health care system.

None of this is new. There are people who argue about its effectiveness, but it’s not new information.

What has become increasingly clear, and perhaps brought about by the stunningly lax approach most of the federal government has taken, is that people – and mostly companies – are unwilling to simply require people to take these steps.

Walking through any shopping area or grocery store, many times you see signs “encouraging” people to wear masks. In areas where local governments have stepped in to “require” face coverings1, they’re mostly half-hearted measures for the appearance of having done something rather than actually requiring something to cover one’s face.

For example, Publix has required its employees wear face masks but were quite late to the game. Even before local governments “required” face masks, Publix would not require their customers or even request that they wear one. Now that local government mandates are in effect in many areas, they’re still not actively enforcing it.

Some companies, on the other hand, have taken a stronger approach. Apple, for example, requires customers and employees wear masks at all times. It is strictly enforced, and if people choose not to comply, they are asked politely to leave and shop in other ways like the online store.

Why do some companies take a meager approach whereas others take a stronger approach? I think there’s a general fear of backlash, but I do think it’s unfounded.

Take the case of AMC theaters. They had originally stated when they reopened that people would not be required to wear masks upon entering their theaters. There was tremendous public pressure, however, and AMC quickly walked that back stating they would require people to wear masks.

There will always be people who balk at rules, no matter how well intentioned they may be. People, however, actually like having rules and order…so long as they’re enforced equally.

If every company banded together and said, “Listen, we want you to spend money with us, but you need to do so with concern for everyone’s safety. We require that you wear a mask in our store/theater/etc,” people would perhaps squawk at first, but would quickly get over it.

  1. Local governments like Tampa and St Pete have adopted rules requiring face coverings in the cities and surrounding counties, but there’s little clarity for enforcement. In most cases, it’s up to the company where a person is shopping or dining to enforce the rule. The company gets fined if it’s in violation, not the person.

    While I understand it’s impossible to police everywhere to enforce this, I think random sampling and fines for individuals who are actively sacrificing public health are more important.

    There are also loopholes such as, “If one has a medical condition or breathing condition that makes mask wearing impossible or difficult, they are exempt.” Well, I find that anyone who just doesn’t want to wear a mask could utter the phrase, “I have a health condition that means I can’t wear a mask,” and HIPAA laws mean there’s no way to suss out what’s truthful and what’s not.

    If you have such a condition, perhaps being out in public in the middle of a pandemic by a respiratory virus is not the brightest idea. Order in or have friends and family deliver your stuff to you.


I’ve noticed I tend to use the smiley emoji a little too often in text. Is that truly a problem? Inquiring minds (mine) want to know.

Has anyone figured out the best way to configure preview on Marsedit for M.b? I’m doing a fresh install, and I’m finding it a little challenging. It was set up just right.

Sometimes starting fresh with a complete wipe and reset of the OS is a zen thing.  It really helps you see what you needed versus were just hoarding.

“You can be a stripe and get in line or be a star and not be defined!” - Eureka O’Hara 🏳️‍🌈

Today is Juneteenth. This celebrates the end of slavery in Texas that finally occurred in 1865. It took > 2 years after the Emancipation Proclamation to happen in Texas. Originally celebrated only in Texas, Juneteenth is celebrated nationwide. It needs to be a national holiday.

I’ve started using Day One in a little different way. I created a “Card Journal” where I can snap photos of the greeting/birthday/anniversary cards I receive and store them there.

I’m always afraid to throw cards away out of respect for the sender.

It's about time.

From the Washington Post article entitled, “Top State Department official resigns in protest of Trump’s response to racial tensions in the country”

A senior State Department official who has served in the Trump administration since its first day is resigning over President Trump’s recent handling of racial tensions across the country — saying that the president’s actions “cut sharply against my core values and convictions.”

I’m know it’s happened before, but it makes me feel ever so slightly better when someone finally stands up to say, “Enough is enough.”

It makes me sad that it took this long. His response to Charlottesville should have been enough, but on some level anyone agreeing to work for this detestable person should have known what they were signing up for.

It is possible many signed up with the hopes they could influence or mitigate some of the worst parts of Trump’s nature. Still, taking this long — almost four years later — to come to that realization is too little, too late.

Regarding J.K. Rowling’s Trans Remarks 🏳️‍🌈

This comment by U.S. editor, Arthur Levine, is the best summation as to why Rowling is incorrect in her thinking.

“I know you and I know you aren’t speaking out of hate, but I do have a different point of view about this. Gender can be ‘real’ without being established irrevocably at birth by one’s chromosomes or one’s genitals. The brain is also an organ that determines gender. Once someone transitions to make their physical body reflect their gender identity, then the ‘sex’ they then express is real. Trans women ARE real women, in their minds and in their bodies. Medical intervention on one person does not invalidate any who don’t need it.”

For those that are calling to boycott (again) the Harry Potter universe in all its forms — from book burning to refusing to attend theme parks — I get it, but it’s harming the wrong people. J.K. got her money. She’s richer than God.

Think of the Harry Potter universe as a child of a parent, in this case, J.K. Rowling. That child has grown up and is a fully realized individual separate from its parent despite any role the parent still actively plays in its life.

Burning the books is foolish because they’ve already got your money. You’re only hurting the planet. Not attending theme parks or movies or buying merch is hurting the hundreds of thousands of people who work to make this universe live its fully realized life. Actors, directors, designers, production, editors, writers, manufacturers, etc. The list goes on and on.

I understand being upset by J.K. Rowling’s thoughts on trans people. Donate to an organization that supports trans rights and trans issues. Share a story of someone you know who’s trans. Work to make this a better world. Write a letter to J.K. Rowling to express your viewpoint (respectfully).

Autocorrect Pixie

Someone else posted this thought, somewhere, but I’m tickled by it because it’s true.

“Imagine that your autocorrect is not a machine but rather a pixie that lives in your phone. It’s job is simple: fix your typos to what it thinks you were trying to say. Unfortunately, it’s drunk all the time. And it stopped caring a long time ago.”


By Matt Cassem

She moves through life trying her best to be happy.
She wants love. She wants friendship. She wants peace.
She moves through life with little pieces of her being picked away bit by bit. Sometimes from behind a friendly smile.
She moves through life wondering why.
She’s tired.

He moves through life looking over his shoulder, even though he should have no reason to.
He wants success. He wants acceptance. He wants to live.
He moves through life looking back at himself in the mirror, tears falling down his cheeks.
He moves through life screaming into the void.
He’s tired.

They move through life looking at their children with hope, love, worry, and fear.
They move through life looking at their children wondering if they’ll make it.
They move through life looking for any advantage they can grab for them.
They’re scared for them. They’re tired.

What do you do when the world you live in seems is stacked against you.
What do you do when you can’t turn to the people around you who are supposed to love you?
What do you do when you feel there’s nothing that can be done?
What do you do when you’re tired? Fight on.

Fight on? Why?
When it feels like nothing will ever change, it feels like insanity.
When you’re too tired to fight any more. Fight on. There will be change.
Fight on because it matters.
Fight on because she matters.
Fight on because he matters.
Fight on because they matter.
Fight on.

Reading “Stamped from the Beginning” by Ibram X. Kendi as part of a little book club with my sister and mother. 📚

Reminder: Set up 2FA on your Nintendo account, please. Don’t be fooled that you must install Google Authenticator. I used 1Password to scan the QR code, and it works just fine.

I’ve spent a fair amount of my evening emailing and posting as much as possible to get some movement on policing reform. I’ve also been doing as much as I can to educate myself. Starting a book club with my sister, and we’re starting with “Stamped from the Beginning.”

5 Zen Principles to Live By

A work in progress for me, for sure, but 5 Zen Principles to Live By is a great read. The key take aways:

  1. Whatever you do, practice being in the moment.
  2. Make sure you enjoy most moments of the day.
  3. Don’t look for happiness in other places. Find it right where you are.
  4. Make sure you develop habits and rituals that support what you’re trying to achieve in life.
  5. Instead of thinking, spend your life living.