This red-shouldered hawk visits once in awhile to check out our back yard and see if there’s anything to be had. Forgive the unclear photo. It took a good bit of editing as the only view clear enough of the hawk was through a window that desperately needs to be cleaned.

A red-shouldered hawk sits on a wood and vinyl fence surveying a backyard.

I’ve started using Day One in a little different way. I created a “Card Journal” where I can snap photos of the greeting/birthday/anniversary cards I receive and store them there.

I’m always afraid to throw cards away out of respect for the sender.

Day 15: Balance

The fog hangs in delicate balance between the air and the land. Trying it’s best to avoid being burned off by the sun.

Day 12: Attachment

The way the wrought iron adheres to this wall demonstrates an attachment of a symbiotic nature.

Messing around with NeuralCam to see how good it is in low light situations. The results speak for themselves.

The brighter, better photo was taken with NeuralCam.