• Day 15: Balance

    The fog hangs in delicate balance between the air and the land. Trying itโ€™s best to avoid being burned off by the sun.

  • Day 14: Warmth

    I have a lot of warmth and affection for this guy: Tigger.

  • Day 13: Rise

    Let your eyes rise up to the night sky and behold the stars!

  • Day 12: Attachment

    The way the wrought iron adheres to this wall demonstrates an attachment of a symbiotic nature.

  • Day 11: Plain

    Plain brick can be just lovely when pieced together in this way.

    Two brick walls joined together in a teeth-like manner.  The joint is angled from bottom left to top right, and the wall on the right is a lighter shade of red than the left.

  • Day 10: Sign

    A sign of the times.

    A wooden water wheel attached to a mill in Tennessee.

  • Day 9: Lull

    I am lulled to sleep and floating on dreams of Disney as these boats float gently.

    A small grouping of Italian gondolas at the bottom with Spaceship Earth in EPCOT seen near the top in the background.

  • Day 8: Contrast

    This high contrast photo of this puppy actually looks like a pencil drawing too lol

    a high-contrast, black and white photo of a puppy being held out in one hand by its owner

  • Day 7: Above

    He tossed the ball high above his head.

    A sunset silhouette of a young male volleyball player tossing the volleyball high above his head

  • Day 6: Plant

    Plant a few trees and watch the beauty unfold.

    A group of palm trees set against a brilliant blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds. There's a building in the background as well.

  • Day 5: Hide

    Hiding from the light.

    A grey and white cat curled up and hiding its face with its paw.

  • Day 4: Spot

    Thereโ€™s a spot from which you can see everything!

    A hot air balloon sits atop the upper right corner against a bright, blue sky with a palm tree sprouting up from the bottom left corner.

  • Day 3: Reflect

    A group of three people (one female and two males) take a photo of their reflection in a giant, silver Christmas tree ornament with buildings in the background.

  • Day 2: Sight

    An up close shot of a cat's left eye as it faces directly into the camera.  The background is blurred.

  • Day 1: Open Open sky! And open your imagination!

    A shot of Spaceship Earth showing in the right-hand side of the photo against a brilliant blue sky.