James Spader is a treasure!

So excited! Our first 5-star review!

Check us out!

I have several #Bluesky invites in case anyone wants too see what the fuss is all about.

A nice latte evens things out.

Sunday! All kinds of things to be done includinging editing the next podcast episode of “Write Out Loud!” Hope your Sunday is off to a great start!

☕️ Starting the day with a nice fruit parfait and a coffee!

In case you haven’t seen it My Homepage and my Now Page for your information!

Today is all aboutut false starts. I headed to the gym only to be told the parking is a nightmare and no one is leaving, so head back home.

Well, there was a miscommunication with regards to the scheduling of the test, so I missed it. Hopefully they will just let me reschedule without paying again.

We’ve been a little down this weekend as we ended having to put our kitty we have had for the past 21 years to rest. It’s been a tough adjustment, and it’s a decision I do not wish on anyone.

He was the sweetest, most loving cat, and he survived a lot. We miss him, but we also know he’s with us in spirit always.

Current Journey

There are a couple of things I’m working on at the moment: my health and my debt.  Both are linked to “over-something” whether it’s over-eating and over-sedentary lifestyle or over-spending.  It’s truly time to get this under control once and for all.

Let’s see how this goes. Reply with your favorite recipe.

Hey there, @Manton! I am sure you’ve been asked a billion times. So I’m sorry to be a billion and one. Any chance you’ve got a Blue Sky invite lying around? I’m on the wait list, but thought I’d ask.

Sunset over parking garage.

Day 4 - #mbmar - Zip Poutine will put a zip in anyone’s step…u less they hate French fries.

Good morning, peeps! 👋

Day 3 - Solitude - #mbmar 📷

It’s a wonderful Sunday and all is quiet.

Here it is…your moment of Zen.

Allison Janney is a national treasure and an underrated actress.