I’m trying out something as a continue to migrate away from services that vacuum up my personal data. I’m transitioning over from Gmail to Fastmail (harder than I thought, but mostly because I just need to commit and make it happen), I’m starting to use Brave as a browser (despite Safari also having most of the same privacy features), and I’m using DuckDuckGo. Next up: I need to ditch Facebook completely.

The Hard Part about Breaking Up with Facebook

I find that I use it for a few things that would be difficult without it. For one, I’m signed into a few different apps and services by Sign In with Facebook. I do use Instagram, and lately that’s for marketing my t-shirts and stickers, so it’s kind of a necessity. I’m using it less and less for personal. I don’t post to Facebook personally anymore, nor do I have the app installed on my devices. I need to figure out a way to transition away from Sign In with Facebook on the services that use it and replace it with something like Sign In with Apple.

What About Twitter?

I’m trying to get rid of Twitter entirely, and I have no excuse for not just ripping the band aid off. The only thing I use Twitter for is politics, and even that is mostly retweets and commentary on other tweets. I could actually do most of that stuff in other venues.

If you’ve managed to make the switch away from these services, how has it gone for you?